Thursday, March 28, 2013

The day finally came...

...when we had to say our goodbyes to our  brother, son, and friend. On Tuesday, March 19th, Alex was given the choice of where he wanted to eat out for his last dinner with us before entering the MTC. Alex chose Chinese takeout from Golden China (a definite favorite of ours!). After we ate, Alex gave each of his siblings a special gift that would help us remind us of him. The gifts were all very thoughtful!
Taylor LOVES his blanket from Alex!

 Later, we went to the Stake Center to have Alex be set apart as a missionary.

The festivities weren't quite over for us yet! Alex was craving some delicious Leatherby's, and how could we say no?! This would be our last time as a family of 8 in a restaurant until he comes home!

All around, it was a special night full of the Spirit. We are sure going to miss Al, but we know that he'll be an AMAZING missionary while he's teaching the people in Milwaukee!

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