Monday, February 24, 2014


We have been so blessed this week (and this coming week as well...) We exceeded every single one of our goals, had some pretty amazing lessons, and didn't die (okay more on that later, but don't get too disappointed in the over-exaggeration.) So, I guess the biggest news of this week is that Anthony had his baptismal interview this past weekend and he was okayed for his baptism... Saturday at 10:00!! I hate to mention it, but the Wausau Hmong area hasn't had a baptism in 2 1/2 years. We feel that this should only be one of many to come. Anthony, again, has just been so prepared. The ward has been so helpful to us, and when we went into the Relief Society room to announce his baptism, before we even asked, the question was posed "do you need us to provide refreshments?". Oh my goodness, I can't believe this day is here! I know that prayers from us, the ward, from home, and from temples across the world. Thank you to all! --Oh yeah... We had a small backing accident in a parking lot. We had spent the whole day tracting, and I felt that I had earned a well deserved little ceasars pizza (with garlic and parmesan crust). I decided it would be a good idea to take a corner parking spot, and somebody else thought it was a good idea to park behind me... I had my companion back me out-- per the missionary handbook rules-- and didn't stop as soon as he told me, and dented our car and the other one. Damage was minimal, no one was hurt, no ticket was given, I felt very sheepish, and my pizza was cold... But I didn't die.
Love Elder Larsen!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Not too much interesting going on here in the field, but enough to give an e-mail full of some small updates and insights into my life as a missionary. So finally, the weather seems to be taking a turn for the better. We haven't seen below zero for a few days, and this week we can see as high as 40. Talk about balmy! If I was able to wear shorts, I totally would. Anthony is well on his way to baptism, and a member in the ward, Yee Lang Yang, has really become a father figure to Anthony. This week Yee took Anthony to see the new LEGO movie, and they both had a really great time. We had a small miracle this week. We went to go see a less active named Vang Mai Chang, but he wasn't there. As we sat in our car planning our next move, an Elderly Hmong woman approached our car. I thought maybe she was just getting in her car, but she just waited outside our car and smiled at us. I rolled down the window and said hi, and she asked for some help reading a couple of bills she had (she must have known missionaries can speak Hmong)... Anyway, long story short, we will be teaching her this upcoming week!! Valentines was... Meh. It's funny, as a missionary, that day means almost nothing (sorry to disappoint, ladies!) Other than that... Boring week=boring letter... Just know I love you all, and keep you in my prayers!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dented, but not done

Yes, this week was another challenge, but honestly, what else is new? Just have to roll with it!! About 2 months back, we discovered a baseball sized dent above the rear driver side wheel on our car. After all of the registering, estimating, and waiting, last week we finally had our car taken in. We were without transportation for 3 days, and just had to try our best to be productive as possible. We did have a few good lessons, and even walked out in the bitter cold a few times. All in all, we survived, and even got our car back before the ward's famous annual chili cookoff. We were truly blessed ;) Anthony continues to progress to his March first baptismal date. We meet twice a week in preparation for his date, and we have seen leaps and bounds in his progression. He is a very different person than he was when I met him in November. Lilly has also bounded forward. She asked for every Sunday off from her boss, and even though she was denied, she said she will keep asking. Lent is a busy time for her work and that also prevents her from meeting with us and coming to church, but she is still progressing! As far as everything else goes, we are just extremely happy to be here! Happy valentines day!! :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shorty but a goody!

Like I said, this one will have to be a little bit shorter than normal, but I have some exciting updates! We have a very promising baptismal date! Anthony Galvan is scheduled to be baptized on the first of march!! He has been taking lessons for almost a year now, and finally thinks he is ready. We were talking to him the other day about it and he wasn't sure, but we went back and had another lesson, and he seemed 100x more excited. All I can say is that we are very very excited. I have a new companion, Elder Stegner. He comes from Seattle Washington and needless to say, he was very excited about the outcome of the super bowl (yes, we heard...) All I can say other than this, is that I'm doing extremely well! Almost halfway done, and it goes faster and faster and faster every single day. Again, sorry it's so short, but all is well, and the work is here for us to do, and we are thrusting in our sickles with all our might!
Elder Meej Mom