Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Appleton heatwave!!

It has been a SCORCHER this week! Temperatures nearing 100 degrees and humidity nearing 100% have combined for an absolutely miserable week. Lucky for us we had set up a good amount of appointments so we were able to stay out of the sun... It was literally too hot to even work. We did spend some time in the library on LDS.org and Mormon.org trying to prepare for various lessons. It actually got SO hot that Elder Vaj and I couldn't sleep so we moved our beds into the living room where our AC is... I've never slept so soundly!! Overall, it turned out to be a sweaty-good week, but I'm getting very very tired of all the same foods that I eat week in and week out. Tuna, quesadilla, grilled cheese, oatmeal, repeat. Thankfully there are a few member dinners sprinkled in here and there so I don't lose my sanity altogether!
 There is a sister, Sister Kleiner, in our area from Germany who (on her first day in Wisconsin) 4 months ago rolled her ankle. The ankle hasn't been getting any better, so the doctor says she has to go home for surgery. We were all shocked to hear this, and we felt so bad for her. She called us later that night and asked to meet us in a quiet park next to the Fox river to give her a blessing. Me, Elder Vaj, and the English elders in our district all met together and drove down. As we approached the area where we saw the sisters sitting together, a quiet calm came over all of us. Sister Kleiner asked one of the English elders to give her the blessing, and in that quiet, secluded area of the park, the spirit of the Lord was abundant. The blessing was given and the calm continued throughout the rest of the day. The Lord gives us trials, but he gives us ways to overcome them as well. I'm so glad that the preisthood is on the earth again, and I'm glad that I have the same power to heal and give comfort as Jesus Christ. This already has been a huge blessing not just to me, but to others on my mission, and I will strive to make it a part of my life when I return home as well... I LOVE YOU ALL!!

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