Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dented, but not done

Yes, this week was another challenge, but honestly, what else is new? Just have to roll with it!! About 2 months back, we discovered a baseball sized dent above the rear driver side wheel on our car. After all of the registering, estimating, and waiting, last week we finally had our car taken in. We were without transportation for 3 days, and just had to try our best to be productive as possible. We did have a few good lessons, and even walked out in the bitter cold a few times. All in all, we survived, and even got our car back before the ward's famous annual chili cookoff. We were truly blessed ;) Anthony continues to progress to his March first baptismal date. We meet twice a week in preparation for his date, and we have seen leaps and bounds in his progression. He is a very different person than he was when I met him in November. Lilly has also bounded forward. She asked for every Sunday off from her boss, and even though she was denied, she said she will keep asking. Lent is a busy time for her work and that also prevents her from meeting with us and coming to church, but she is still progressing! As far as everything else goes, we are just extremely happy to be here! Happy valentines day!! :)

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