Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday email...

Sorry for the late e-mail, but it comes late as the result of what I think is a pretty legitimate excuse-- Elder Dobyns and I had some sort of NASTY food bug yesterday. We honestly only got out of bed to go check our mailbox (empty unfortunately). However, today we are feeling good, and almost 100% better. So for some exciting news, we re-established contact with some former investigators this last week, the Changs. They are a part-member family that Elders in the past have worked on and off with. They have 2 girls baptized, and 2 unbaptized, and to be honest, they kind of remind me of my family like 10 years ago, and way more sugar-fuled. We went over to their house this week and had a fantastic time! They bounce off the walls, love to play games, and really love the missionaries. We committed them all to pray together every night until we came back, which is tonight. They have been taught nearly everything, and if everything goes off without a hitch, we may be able to set a baptismal date with them tonight. Please pray for them! Also, Alex and Nou both missed out on church this week, so we might have to reconsider their dates for baptism. I firmly believe that they WILL be baptized, it is just a matter of when... Oooooother than that? Not much... I guess I'm just trying not to count down the seconds until I'm home! I guess I'll see you all soon!

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