Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Don't think I forgot about YOU...."

Alex's first email this morning was short, and he didn't write much! He later sent another email for us that answered our questions FINALLY and we know much more about how he is doing!  Here's his second email this week:


Sorry I didn't write you guys earlier!! I was in the laundry room when I wrote that earlier e-mail, and the line started to pile up behind me... Total guilt trip...

Anyway, I'll try to remember all your questions, because I don't have your last emails with me... I'll start by telling you more about my wonderful companions!! Elder Cook is baaaaaasically uncle Cameron mixed with a demill boy mixed with a Bliss boy... Try to imagine that! He's from 'Merc'n Fork. He's a pretty sweet guy. Elder Mckay (the ones the girls like) is first of all taken. Sorry girls..... He's from Kaysville and he's super spiritual, and I can talk to him pretty easily. We all get along really well, and some nights we have "bro chats" just about stuff... I guess you just have to be there.... We're the only elders in our room so we each have our own desk, closet, drawers, and bed. So yeah, its pretty sweet in comparison to the six elders in a room just down the hall from us. Our District (which is all 8 Hmongs and all 3 Viets) is super strong, so it actually feels like we're in one huge companionship! I was so sad Sunday after a leadership meeting when one of the branch presidency, brother Lindohl, came up to me and said that I was being released. I was just getting the hang of things, and just the very night before I had three people in my district come up to me and say how much they looked up to and respect me! I was glad that I got to pass on this great opportunity to another Elder, Elder Hardy.

I hear you guys got a new van?... Without me?... That'll be broken when I get home?... *sigh*... I'm pretty sure one of the last things that I said to everyone was to not let anything change. I mean, it starts with something simple like a new car... or a new handle for the glass door... And before you know it, when I come home, you will have moved to Yakama washington, had a few more babies and (heavens forbid) started quoting things from movies I haven't seen!! Beware family..... beware....

Like I said, I left all my mail and all the addresses that I actually DID have in the old classroom, so just make sure to remind everyone that I DO love them, I just haven't been able to write them all back yet... Speaking of which, I love when you guys write me, and its the hardest thing not to laugh in the middle of my silent classroom. Why is my family the cute one?!

Elder Lis Xeeb

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