Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Family email-- April 9th

I saved some more time for you guys so I wouldnt have to send a letter and have you guys wait for days to get it!!

Conference weekend came and went FAST!!! We were "encouraged" to watch it in the auditorium, but my zone got special permission to just watch it in our classroom. To illustrate to you exactly why we didn't want to watch it in the auditorium... Imagine 3,000 seats filled with missionaries. Laughy, talky, coughy, stinky missionaries. Also, imagine a chair designed by satan, made for the sole purpose of robbing your bum-tocks of all their feeling. Our class on the other hand was perfect! I got a ton of notes and quotes, and I can't wait to use some of the references in talks and lessons.

I love the packages you guys have been sending!! Especially the last one with all the letters and homemade goodies!! UUUUUUUUnfortunately, the lid to the cinnamon rolls came off at some point, so your letters were a little... sticky. But it wasn't too bad, so don't worry about it!!

I miss everyone a ton, and I wish I could talk to everyone! Annie, thank you so much for watching my baby brother for me! Tell him Alex says PFFbbbtbtbbFFFttbbpppddt... Yeah, just give him a raspberry for me... Megan, try and whip those boys into shape for me. c'mon, I know Taylor and Zach like to drop those passes. Kick their bums. Zach, I'm so excited that you have a fun new show to watch! I'll have to catch up with you when I get back!! GRANITE FLATS BABY!!! Taylor... Make sure that all the BYU games record so I can come home and watch KVN, okay? I want to see all the good plays, can you remember them? Don't forget, Utah smells like stinky diapers!!

And as for Mom and Dad... You guys are awesome!! I feel so supported, and loved... Everything is fine here! Don't even worry about the Elder who didn't get anything... I tattled on his parents to my branch president, and some of the other elders had their parents send him things!! Don't cry for me west jordan! I'm 1/3 of the way done with the MTC!!

With loooooooove,
Elder Lis Xeeb

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