Monday, November 11, 2013


Good afternoon everyone!! Greetings from Wausau Wisconsin!! In this issue of Elder Albert, I'm going to basically be giving a big juicy overview of how everything is in Wausau! First of all, I love it already. Honestly, I might already like it better than Appleton, which I thought was IMPOSSIBLE! The hills and "Mountain" (really just a mound of dirt they call Rib Mountain) make it feel just like home here. Wausau is kind of in a little valley and is surrounded by pretty dense woodland. Its also (for lack of a better word) kind of quaint. In Appleton we lived in downtown, a 2 minute walk from everything, but here, where everything is more spread out, we are on the very fringe of the town itself. Funny enough we live right accross the street from the Kraft Mac'n Cheese factory, so with any luck I might get to have some farm fresh pasta... The apartment is smaller than Appleton's, but I like it a lot. It feels more like home than the one in Appleton did. The ward so far has been great. There are just about as many Hmong people as in Appleton, and there are some really strong Priesthood holders. As for everyone else, they are great so far. They have only one ward in Wausau, so we have the whole building to ourselves. Everyone was so nice in introducing themselves, and I really look forward to working with everyone. My companion has already identified the ward "missionary Mom" for me. She's already offered haircuts, and has already had us over for spaghetti... MMM!! Just like home! As far as the work, it is definitely started to pick up here. Within the last 5 or 6 weeks the district has gone from only 14 "reportable key indicators" (basically lessons and baptism dates) to yesterday up to 24. That is more than any week that my new companion Elder Burgoyne has seen in his two transfers here. I'm very glad to be part of this hastening of the work. I came in and on my first day met our 2 most promising investigators. They are recently married, and her mom converted only a couple months ago. They have a tentative date set for November 30th, and we are so excited for them. Elder Burgoyne met them only a month ago, and he feels that they have grown a lot in that time. I can't wait to give more of an update next week, but alas, duty calls. I will leave you all with a thought. Our heavenly Father created everything. We know that everything that has existed, exists now, and will exist in the future is numbered to him. Considering all of this, he knows you. He loves you. He will give you as many opportunities as you need until you come back to him. That is truly a loving Father, and I want to let you all know of my knowledge of Him and His infinite love. My love to you all! My new address is 1220 Townline Road #2 in Wausau WI, 54403.

LOVE your Elder,

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