Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Good morning everyone!! We had mission tour this week (when a general authority comes to visit the mission) and it was absolutely fantastic. I took a notebooks worth of notes, and I'm still doing my best to try and work my way through them to get them highlighted, cross referenced, and implemented in the Madison Hmong area. We did already see some successes with this. Seethong Yang invited us over to his house to teach 2 of his family friends. It went so well, so much better than if we had been the ones contacting them, or if we had taught them in their own home. We meet with them again this week. Not only that, but Seethong has taken the initiative in setting up more appointments FOR us next week. We will be going out with him this thursday to visit all of these people. He is on fire for this work and has been an absolute asset to us and to this ward. Sorry for the short and semi-disjointed letter this week... Keep on keeping on!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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