Tuesday, August 26, 2014

From a rainy, hot day in Madison...

From a rainy, hot day here in Madison, I bid you all a good morning!! Cutting to the chase, there are a few very very exciting developements in the Hmong work here. First: we had our first investigator in weeks come to church yesterday! His name is Kaj Nrig (pronounced like Ghandi). He is a student here at UWM and we met him about 2 weeks ago on the bus. He has made some subtle but significant changes since that first meeting. He didn't want to accept a book of mormon the first time that we met him, but accepted one at church. His biggest obstacle right now is that he is just too dang smart for his own good! He thinks that everything should have a solid concrete answer with verifiable evidence. As we all know, sometimes that just can't happen. We are helping him to see that we also must live our lives by faith and trusting in the Lord! Second, we met with 2 other very cool people this week, Mee and Singying. We had a 2 hour lesson with Mee (also too smart for her own good) and Seethong came to the lesson with Singying. They both said they would come to church, but both kind of flaked out the morning of... We will continue working with the two of them, and hopefully something miraculous will happen! Finally, there is a Hmong Member conference this week in Sheboygan! ALL the Hmong members from accross the state will be gathering together to be fed both spiritually and physically. We also got permission from the mission president to go! WAY outside of my area, but for a special purpose. The focus will be missionary work, and Elder Lee and I will be leading a discussion on how members can be missionaries. The work is progressing, and I truly truly believe that God is blessing this area, and this entire foreign land of Wisconsin! LOVE

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