Wednesday, September 24, 2014


​I'm just gonna go right for the good stuff... We taught an amazing lesson this week. Brother and sister goue have a friend (song Thao) who they took us to meet this last week. We were going into the lesson thinking there would be maybe 4 people there... NOPE! They had their family there, about 10 or 11 people total! They listened intently, participated, and asked great questions. Coming from a completely unchristian background, that is saying a lot. Not only was the lesson great, but afterward we had pho, cake, fruit, nava (a coconut, tapioca pearl drink) and talked for about another hour or so. We SO look forward to meeting with them, and I would ask that you all keep them in your prayers. On a sadder note-- I sent my SD card home last week in a package and in transit the package was damaged, and the SD card fell out. Frustrating!! There will be a little wait before more pictures are going to be put up.... But the gospel is still true :)​

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