Wednesday, September 17, 2014


​Goooooood Morning!!!!​
We had one of our best weeks this past week as far as getting out and talking to people. We had 17 other lessons which just BLEW our goal out of the water. We met with a lot of people and are going back to talk to a couple of them who showed great interest. Our biggest miracle this week was Song Thao. She contacted a member of our ward and said that she wanted the missionaries to come over and teach her entire family. Not only that, but her father is a clan leader, which would give us a great amount of influence with the Hmong people if we are to be received well. And to cap it all off: last night we had a madison Hmong family home evening. All of the Hmong members gathered, cooked, ate, talked, sang, and yes, played a little bit of football. We had an amazing time, and it was the perfect end to a nearly perfect week. LOVE

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