Monday, January 5, 2015

Sheboygan: Week 1

A LOT has happened in the last couple days. Obviously, changing my living situation, companion, and workload is always a little difficult, but beyond that we went from 40 degrees to 0 in about 3 days. That is never ever ever fun. I love Sheboygan. I couldn't really believe it, but it is actually smaller than wausau by about 20,000 people. There aren't even any towns too close by to call sub-urbs, everything else is about 20 minutes out. AND on that note, we have a car here... or rather, we SHARE a car with the Spanish Elders. Not the most ideal of situations, but it sure beats taking the Sheboygan bus system (which I hear is a mess by the way.) The apartment is gorgeous, I can honestly say that it is probably the only apartment that I've been to on my mission that feels like a home. It even smells good! About a year ago, there was a fire in the complex, so they recently remodeled everything. We live right on the lakefront, and even though it is winter, the view can get pretty nice. As for teaching? We are officially in finding mode, and we are just looking to get a few more consistent investigators. We have a few already, but you never can have enough. anywho... I'm sure there will be more to update you all on next week and the weeks following, so on that note, I'll love you and leave you!
Elder Larsen

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