Monday, June 10, 2013

19 going on 19 1/365

That's right... It's me!

This'll be another shorter one since my companion and I have some birthday activities (or birth-tivities as I like to call them... wait no...)

This week has really flown by... We had 2 days of training, so I didn't have a whole lot of time to be out teaching the good word of God, but we were still able to sneak in a few lessons. We were walking the 2 miles from our appartment to the house of one of the new members in our ward. While on our way we were stopped... That doesn't do it justice... A man with a long white beard chased us down yelling "STOP, STOP!!!" When he finally flagged us down he told us his name was Tinker.... yes Tinker... And invited us over for dinner. We are told to try avoiding having dinner with English families so we referred him to the English elders... DANG!! I really want to know how that one turns out though... I'll give y'all the update....

I read my e-mail from my family this week and something really stuck out to me... Age is all relative. That is so true, but I think that I have found that here on my mission, I can apply that to a lot of the (so called) difficulties that I have... I had to walk 5 miles my first day out... That is only relatively far when compared to our ancestors who walked hundreds and hundreds of miles. We are having a hard time finding people to teach. But that is only a relative difficulty when I compare it to those who served their missions in England when the church was first being established. I have a small amount of money each month, but only a relatively small amount when I compare it to the saints who sold their homes for small percentages of what they were really worth just so they could pull up stakes and move west. This week I have found myself thanking my heavenly father more fervently for the trials that I have, in stead of asking him to remove them from me. This mission may be relatively hard, but I thank my heavenly father every day that he has called me to do his work here, now, and in the Hmong language.

LOVE you all, and hope you know how much I think about'cha!! PLEASE be good!!

Love Elder Meej Mom

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