Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello Again!!!

This week has been really hard for us Hmong elders... We are having such a hard time finding people to teach! We have a folder with names of people that could be Hmong (Lis, Vaj, Yaj etc) and we try to visit all of them, but we can never seem to find anybody that is interested, or that are even home when we knock!! We have tried so hard, and we are still looking forward to this week, but we won't be having very many lessons... We did however get referred to a family of 5 and we found somebody who might be interested, so we will see what we can do with these two... This week I had to translate testimonies in our ward testimony meeting. This was relatively easy because I know the structure of testimony and a lot of the words... BUT, right as I got up to give my testimony, a Hmong brother got up as well... I sat down to wait for him to speak (he speaks english) but he asked me if I would translate Hmong-English which is only like a million times harder!! I was able to translate his first sentence, "I am happy to share this testimony with you" but the rest I had no IDEA what was coming from him... Luckilly, my Ward mission leader came up behind me and translated the testimony and whispered what I should say into my ear... Probably the most embarrassing thing that has happened so far, but it was a very good experience!!

I'm so happy to be out serving the Lord. I want to let everyone know that everything here is going good. My dad shared with me a quote this week saying that my job may not be to harvest all of the low hanging fruit, but that I may be the one planting the seeds. I know that this is the hardest thing I could be doing right now. But I know that the people that the Lord hasn't prepared for me to teach, those are the people that I am preparing for other people. I now recognize why numbers arent the most important things, but that it is all about what good may come months, a year, or many years after any initial contact. I am extremely blessed to have family and friends as truely wonderful as all of you, and just know that just as you pray for me, I pray for you as well... LOVE YOU!!!

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