Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So sorry about the subject title... But I couldn't think of anything else to write.

SO! This week has been pretty eventful (in a good way) and I guess it all started off with a fantastic birthday!! We went to the mall here in Appleton where I got myself two new pairs of sunglasses on the cheap!! After kind of browsing around for a little longer, we went to the foodcourt and I chose Panda for myself... It was pretty d'rn tasty after so many weeks of Cheerios for breakfast lunch and dinner! Then we went to the church where we get to play all our sports. We usually start with either basketball or volleyball and after we get tired of that, we play what's called chair soccer. BASICALLY everyone has a little primary chair and you run around trying to kick the soccer ball into other people's chairs while still protecting your own. You would not BELIEVE how sweaty and hot that game makes you... It's great!! Then we went grocery shopping where I treated myslef to a bottle of Pepsi! I felt like a king! But seriously though, I wanted to thank everyone who thought about me and for the cards and e-mails that I got. I can't tell you how much it lifts a missionary's spirit when they get something like that!

But other than that, this week has been work!! While on exchanges, I found a family who wants to become active again, and have their kids baptized, so I really believe that my prayers were answered. The work is hastening!! Even as slow as it seems now! We have an appointment set up with them this coming tuesday I believe, and we can't wait to share a spiritual message with them.

We had an all mission conference last Saturday that was absolutely AMAZING!! There were 4 70's and an apostle, Elder Oaks who came to talk to us... Added bonus, one of the 70's was Gifford Nielson and he talked a little about his experience playing football for BYU. He told us that recently Lavelle Edwards had heart surgery, and as he was being wheeled into the operating room, he lifted his head and said to his wife "Call the bishop and tell him we won't be making it to tithing settlement today... But tell him that I'm a full tithe payer!!" That got a hardy laugh from the audience (about 200 missionaries). Another funny story, Elder Oaks was talking to us about our call as missionaries. He said that there are very few times in your life when you are 100% dedicated to the Lord. He said one of the only other times is if you are called as an apostle. He told us that Elder Packer was addressing the rest of the quorom of the 12 and he said "Our call is to grow old and die on the stage!" That got another good round of laughter!! Overall though it was a fantastic experience, and to be able to sit at the feet of these wonderful men and have them speak to us is something that I will have chronicled in my mind for the rest of my life. Elder Oaks said that we are a "prophetic priority" which means that in every temple prayer that the prophet or his apostles have, they pray specifically for us. What a wonderful blessing that is!! I consider myself lucky to be a representative of the Lord in these last days to proclaim this glad message!

And finally, to wrap up my week, we had a Hmong Family Home Evening. Any Hmong Family who can attend comes to one person's house were a lesson is shared, 4 or 5 songs are sung, food is served, and great conversations are had. I truly felt the spirit and a love for these people last night. I was also blessed with the ability to share my lesson and my testimony in their language with such little trouble, that thinking back now, I know the only way that I could have said all of the things that I said is through the power of the holy ghost and through the spiritual gift of tongues. And the music only intensified my feelings! There is a selection of hymns that have been translated into Hmong, and we had a great time singing some of them! Afterwards, we had pho... MMM!!! It was really deliscious and for those of you who haven't tried it, I'm sorry, I can't describe the taste. Mostly because you get to add the flavors that YOU want... For example, my companion likes his sweet and with mint, but I like mine salty and spicy!! We also played catch with a football in our white shirts and ties... A great time was had by all!!

Duty calls, but I hope you all know that I miss you, and that I'm saving up hugs for each and every one of you!!


Elder Meej Mom!!

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