Tuesday, June 25, 2013

P-Day once again!

Hey guyzz!!
It's just after 9 here on a beautiful (to be read: extremely hot and humid) monday morning, and I'm excited to give an update on this past week and some thoughts about whatever comes to mind as I type.
First thing, this week is transfer week, which means as of Wednesday, I will not be the youngest missionary (in time in the mission) here! As far as I know though, we won't be getting any new Hmong speaking Elders, but we will be getting a new zone and district leader. This first transfer has flown by so extremely quick, and I can't believe I'm already 4 (ish) months into my mission... I know that everyone says not to count the days and things like that, but I can't help it when time goes by so quickly!! By the way... anybody want to try and figure out how many transfers I have in my mission?... I couldn't keep any of the numbers straight when I tried to do it in my head... Anyway, fun facts! Only 1 more birthday, 3 more general conferences, 24 ish byu football games, and 3 calls home left on my mission!!! As you can see, I obviously try not to look ahead........

I got my birthday package this past monday, 1 week after my birthday. The mission president suggests that families send packages through the mission home where they will forward it to us. This is just to make sure the package isn't stolen or anything like that, but our apartment and neighborhood is plenty safe, and I completely trust packages to be sent right to our door.

Other than all of this... It was a rather slow week. We had a few lessons set up and ready to go only to be cancelled on the day of! (unfortunately 2 of them were lessons with food promised....) That kind of dampened our spirits, but we were able to find what we think is another new investigator through these cancellations, so we are still happy and I guess it happened for a reason. Then, yesterday, we had the world wide training broadcast that was all about missionary work, but not just for missionaries, for everyone!! A few times during the conference we heard the familiar phrase "every member a missionary". It was a really good conference and the "big" announcement for those who don't know, was that missionaries during less productive times during the day will be able to do internet proselyting through e-mail, blog, facebook, and other sites like that! We don't know when our mission will be allowed to do this, but we know that it will be somewhere in the next year. It really sounds like it'll be a blast!!

That's all the time I have for now, so I'll love you and leave you. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask!!

With much love, Elder Meej Mom

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