Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Another May 1

Nyob Zoo!!

Nej nyob li cas? Kuv nyob zoo!! Kuv xav hais tias kuv xav pom nej nrog kuv lub siab! Kuv tau tu siab hnub Tuesday vim kuv tsis pom nej, thiab peb raug qhia txog peb tsev neeg nyob saum ntuj ceeb tsheeb. Da si, kuv paub tias nej xav kuv nyob no MTC. Thiab kuv paub tias kuv yuav ua tej yam hu ua vim Vajtswv xav kuv qhia leeg neeg txog nws txoj moo zoo! Nej tsis txais no vim kuv tsis xav tias tias li cas kuv hais no...


How are you? I am good!! I want to say that I want to see you with all my heart! I was sad on Tuesday because I didn't see you, and we were taught about our family living in heaven. But, I know that you want me to be at the MTC. And I know that I will do the things I do because God wants me to teach the people about his gospel!! Don't translate this because I don't think that this is how you say this.......

It feels like everything is starting to catch up with me. I'm mentally and physically exhausted all the time, and I would love nothing more than an entire day (none of this class on your p-day crap!!) just to sleep in, have a nap, and go to bed early... BUT I realize that this is normal for missionaries! What I'm experiencing now is nothing compared to how bad I COULD be having it. I feel much better than I did this past weekend, and everyone in my district is finally finally FINALLY healthy!! The ol' boil has died down, and I haven't had a problem since... Though I do kinda miss the guy... The doctor said I could call it a Ferruncle... but boil sounds less... I guess it just sounds less like ferruncle sounds... We've been allowed to go outside for gym for the first time since I have been here. The field has always been too wet up 'til now. Even though I stink, I love running around playing soccer with my district.

We've all been going a little bit stir crazy here, so that Yo Yo is a blessing!! Whenever I'm not supposed to be doing something else, I whip out that sucker and... yo... it?... I throw it at the ground and it comes back?..... Yeah, that's the mental exhaustion talking... You all should have heard me giggle when I read those quotes. Oh. My. Gosh. I don't giggle, and those had me struggling to keep it in!! I also loved all of the pictures! (How DO you spell Moriancumer anyway?!) All the Hmongs wanted me to thank you for sending those little toilets. They really loved those!! You should have seen them showing them off to everyone in our residence hall.

We have some extra time on the computer some days when we finish all of our work, and all I have to say is that y'all need to go check out these videos... they are absolutely awful!! They're all on under resources, video audio etc... then click the link that says VIDEOS near the top. The first two are under the topic Old testament video resources and are on the third page... Theyre named something like 6:00 news or something, watch both... The other one is under New testament video resources, and i think its the 5th page... It's the news one on that page too... You like bad acting? We've got that B-roll!

Your packages are the best part of the week, and I always always look forward to them!! This week I don't really have any needs... Mostly just stuff. I think I need one of those Tide to Go pens, I'm pretty messy... Also, dryer sheets arent a MUST but would be nice just to have... I would also request more of them there beef sticks!! oooooh, they were good... Other than that... pack as the spirit directs?...

MOM: We won't be able to call you on mothers day, we have a departure devotional and the phones will be packed all day anyway... Would it be okay if I just called from the airport? It'd only be 2 days after that, and then we would be able to talk for about 2 hours!! Let me know what you want to happen, and I will make it happen!!

Always remember, Never forget... What was it again? I forget....


ELDER LIS XEEEEEEEEEEEEEEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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