Monday, May 13, 2013


Hey hey everyone!!

The time is finally here, the day has finally come!! I'm (getting) ready to leave!! I'm just sitting in the laundry room, waiting for a load of laundry that won't be done for another... wow, an hour and a half.... This'll just be a summary of the last couple of days and it may be my weekly letter for next week because I don't know if I'll get a full p-day or not. I sure hope I'll get SOME sort of pday, because I need to buy a winter and a rain coat, a new comforter, possibly a new camera, and not to mention that I'll need to buy myself some food for the next 6 weeks!!

Most of this last week has been spent in review of everything that we've ever learned in class... We basically just drilled the basics of the things that we will be saying almost every day. That means we did a lot of "If you... Then you" kind of things... We also have gone through our tones probably a million and a half times to make sure we don't make any slips that could cause us to say something stupid! We had whats called an in-field training last week. They take every departing missionary (somewhere around 300 or so) and put them in a room for a 6 hour workshop!! It covered everything from the lessons that we will teach people, to how to contact them, to even how to set goals and plan effectively. We were able to move around a little bit, but by the last few hours I was very, very done with it!

I have everything packed that isn't being washed and anything that I'm taking with me in my carry on. I decided that I would take all of my books with me on the plane so I could maybe get some study in, but also because there is no need for me to add all that extra weight in my suitcases when I can just carry it with me. Our suitcases can weigh up to 50 pounds each, but our carry on can be 40 pounds too!! So I should have absolutely no problem distributing out the weight in my bags. I can't remember if I already told y'all about my flight plans yet... But we leave the MTC tonight at 9:00. We get to the airport and check in, and all that by probably about 10:00-10:30. Our plane leaves Salt lake at 12:55 (YES am.....) and we fly to Georgia and get there at about 6:30. Our next flight leaves at 8:30 and we fly to Milwaukee by around 10:00... I have no idea what I'll be doing once I get there... But I'm sure SOMEBODY in my group of 20 will tell me...

To end, I'll just share with you the first vision... A.) so I can practice, and B.) so you can see how messed up my language is!!

Kuv pom ib lub teeb ci ntsa iab nyob saum kuv lub taub hau. Nws ci tshaj lub hnub. Nws nqi zuj zus los so kiag ib ncig kuv. Thaum lub teeb ntawd los so ib ncig kuv lawd, kuv pom ob leeg neeg uas muaj qhov ci thiab lub yeeb koob uas kuv tsis pom qab piav li. Ob leeg sawv me ntsis ntawm kuv nrog cov huab cua. Ib tug hais lus rau thiab kuv tuav kuv lub npe thiab taw tes rau tus uas sawv ntawm nws ib sab thiab hais tias "Tus no yog kuv leej tub uas kuv hlub kawg. Mloog nws."

TTFN, Ta ta for now!!

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