Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey-o Famili-o!

How is everyone doing back at home? As you'll read in my other letter, everything is going spectacularly here! I'm really excited to be doing the Lord's work finally!! I loved getting to read through the e-mails that you guys sent!! And yes, you could send mail to the mission home, but it wont actually get to me for a while, so it'd be better if you just sent it to that other address that I sent... Put that on facebook yeah? ;) Anyway, I miss you guys so much!! We spent the first day in the mission home, and it really reminded me of our house a lot. Wisconsin really looks and feels a lot like Utah. To be honest, even without the mission I feel as if you guys are just down the road! Some of the more surprising things: Everything is green... EVERYTHING!! How do they keep their lawns so nice?? Also, EVERYTHING has dandelions on it, so I guess it's a trade off. Its already extremely humid, and my shirt sticks to my back... Eww!! They have parks, rivers and lakes EVERYWHERE!! Also, everything here is a ____ and bar. Restaurant and bar, grill and bar, etc... People here don't like to wear shirts or shoes. They say "cook me" if they don't know the answer to your question... ummm....... Thats about it, but its only my first week, I'll get back to you..... I'm glad that the girls are feeling better about their ap tests, because I know that they will do great! I'm also glad that Megan is feeling better, I was sad that she was sad when I got to talk to her. Zach better have been good on his campout, or when I get home I'll have to... i dunno, pants him? Taylor! Are you being a good boy? What is going on with BYU right now? Mom and Dad, I have pictures coming, so don't worry!! I'm doing so good, and you guys have been the BIGGEST support for me!! I know this letter is pretty short, but I thought we had 2 hours, not just one on these computers... I only have about 13 minutes to write my president... Ask me any questions you have in your next email so I can answer them ALL!!! I wish I had more time!!! GAAAH, I just love you all so much!
Elder Meej Mom.... Read the other letter if you don't understand that....

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