Wednesday, May 29, 2013 the family

Nyob zizzle m'nizzles!!

Things in Appleton are going really good... Except it smells like Tanner's dirty diapers sometimes... What does the tramp look like? did you help build it? What fun stuff are you doing? did you have fun at the party!! Tell me, are you getting so excited to go to kindergarden? You better be a big kid and be nice to everyone, okay? I LOVE YOU!!!

Hey buuuuddy! Have you jumped a lot on that new tramp lately? I hope so, because when I get back, I'm going to bounce you right over the neighbor's fence! I loved when I was done with those dumb ol' CRT tests! They are so easy, and all I wanted to do was go outside and have it be summer already!! I hear that you went to mcdonalds on monday morning. How fun!! Did you like ghost? what was your favorite part? I think mine was when he was singing "I'm henry the 8th I am, henry the 8th I am I am..." over and over to that one lady... Hilarious!! Well, I love you, be safe, say your prayers, and try reading some of the scriptures every morning (it can only be for like 5 minutes if you want!) BYEE

I'm so glad that you're finally done with all of the hard parts of school... But come ON!!! Live it up, woman!! You get to watch movies, tv shows, and mind numbingly boring documentaries!! For crap sake, I LIVED for the last 2 weeks of school! Sometimes the only thing that got me up and showered in the morning is that the faster I got the 8 1/2 weeks over with, the sooner I could watch movies in school... Geez, the people of your generation.... ;) I remember we had a choice of doing that criminal minds thing or another project, and I chose the other one, but I don't remember what it was, which means I must not have done a very good job at it.... Whoopsie...I don't want to say my olympic team was stinkier than tanner's diaper... But it was way stinkier than tanner's diaper... I try to block out that memory... You've always been a sleeper in movies! They're like your sleeping pills or something! It's hard to watch a movie through closed eyelids Annie... ;)Have you not ever seen all of Ghost?! It's a classic!! It's a Larsen family quotable!! Good grief, you're just fallling apart when I'm not there arent you?... Let me know how the last couple weeks of school go! I said it to Zach but it goes for you too, Pray e'er day, and read your Book of Mormon every morning. I have an hour to do personal study and it takes me maybe 30 minutes to finish 10 pages. At this rate I'll finish the Book every 53 days! Try reading (maybe not that much...)

Don't you just love the last couple weeks of school? I just want those days sprinkled lovingly throughout the rest of the year so that it doesn't all come at the end! Uh... 40 hours is a lot (at abs) hopefully they'll get some new people for the summer so that the workload wont all fall on you! I remember how hard it was getting excited for work when I had already worked like 4 days that week! Tell Conner that I look back fondly on those times. Even when he and/or Parker put hot sauce... or vineager... or salt... or pickle juice in my drink... Fun times, fuuuuuun times... I'm really glad that everything is starting to work out for you, and that everything is going positively. I read mom's favorite scripture the other day. D&C 101:16 "... Be still and know that I am God" and I just thought how much just sitting down and giving myself some time to think and ponder has done for me. I have that personal study every single morning, and it's something that I wish I had given myself back home. Maybe try it! give yourself 30 minutes in the morning to "be still" and you will be able to work out things you are questioning. My appartment is... not dirty? I'm doing my best to keep it clean, and there should be pictures (and a video) coming this week! MAY the force be with you... (get it????) MMMMBUHBYE!!

I got your letter on Friday. Thank you so much for sending it!! I loved it, and it was my first letter here in Wisconsin! I did speak in church, and from what I heard some of the member's say, they really enjoyed it. The Hmong members couldn't believe that it was only the 9th week that I had ever spoken Hmong in my entire life!! Appleton is pretty beautiful in some parts, and just like any other city it has its... not so good parts. But on the whole it really is very leafy and almost quaint, I really love it! Transfers are every 6 weeks, but we don't know when we will be transferred... Like I could be transferred next transfer, or I could be here for 9 months worth of transfers. Just wherever they need Hmong speakers! Elder Vaj is from California and he has been out for over a year. He is a convert and only decided about a year before he left to go on a mission... He's been a good first companion, and I've had to grow in some areas, and let some things go, but we get along great. I told President about Gramps and sure enough he remembers him!! He asked a little about him, but nothing to important. No idea about sis shumway... I'm having a great time here, dont worry about me!! BYEEE!!!

I can't believe they will be the Hornets again... (like that'll actually help them be better or anything...) I think we should be like the Utah Fightin' Seagles.... bring that up to management would ya?.....
RILEY!!! Yeah, I knew my back was broken. It was so broken I could feel it moving around in there. But I wanted to play, so thanks coach. GOOD FLINGIN' FLANGIN' GRIEF!!! He really needed to take himself out of the game, but the coaches needed to be man enough to say, no, your spine is split, sit down... Gah...
This year's team shouldn't be too awful, but when I get back, they'll really start to be good, so I'm looking forward to it!
Does it have 6,549 pieces? *crunch!* uh 548!


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